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There are very limited ticket slots starting at $725.  Each character is carefully hand crafted for the individual based upon their preferences, desires and personal ability. There are many mature themes present in the game that may not be right for everyone. Due to the limited nature of spots and resources, we want to make sure that this game is a good fit for you and vice versa.

Please fill out the application below and book a time to speak with one of our Experience Experts to speak about the event and get signed up!


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Character Traits
A charismatic bon vivant
A diplomatic politician
A diva
A dominatrix
A drug dealer
A harlot
A pariah
A troublemaker
A strong silent type
A team leader
A sneaky rogue
A traitor
A hyper intelligent nerd
A character with makeup/prosthetics
Would you be interested in our individual photography package?
This package includes three personalized mini photoshoots, where a player will have individual time with a photographer at each photoshoot location.  The photoshoots are spread out over three days to allow for costume changes and scenery changes, making it the perfect addition to show off your hard work on garb.