Kingdom of Snow

Brassy and classy, the Kingdom of Snow has been around longer than any of the other kingdoms, besides shade of course.  Their kingdom was once prosperous from the large amounts of gem trade provided by their deep mines with the northern mountains of the kingdom.  However, underground trade and black market deals have dealt this kingdom a large economic blow.  This economic downturn has turn soldiers to mercenaries and debutants to cunning "merchants".  Other kingdoms now look upon them as the trailer park kingdom; they just won't say it to their face because they know the Kingdom of Snow will take it to the next level.  

A new royal family is taking over and seeking to bring prosperity to the kingdom by reintroducing a moral compass to the kingdom's economy.  The new royal family blends the upper ruling class and the lower working classes as representation of the entire kingdom.  However, all is not apple pie in the royal house.  There are rumors of drug addiction and romantic triangles that threaten to send this kingdom's royal family into a tizzy.  

The invitation to the Real Royalty competition was met with delight and terror.  Some members of the family believe this is their ticket to push the kingdom back on into a golden state.  With the publicity provided by the show, the display of competition, and the friendship with Princess Generica their kingdom would be great again.  Some members of the family do not trust that this isn't an invitation to be pushed further into the mud.  They also don't trust that Princess Generica really has a friendship in mind, or would even honor it if their kingdom one.  The family will play along, but if they go down in the mud, they will take the competition and Princess Generica into the mud with them.