Kingdoms of Real Royalty

Six twisted fairy-tale kingdoms, one mysterious Princess, and only one spot to be her new best friend.  Only the most cunning, creative, and popular team shall win the title.  Set in Princess Generica's home castle, you'll spend the weekend building strategies and playing to your team's strengths as well as plotting against your rivals and exploiting their weaknesses.  Do you have what it takes to be the next Real Royalty? 

A note on attire: Each Kingdom has a unique sense of style.  Please view the Pinterest board links within the Kingdoms' descriptions for inspiration.  These are meant to be light guidelines to help with the look and feel of each group.


Kingdom of Snow


The Kingdom of Snow has been around longer than any of the other kingdoms, besides the Kingdom of Shade of course.  The loss of their patriarch almost a decade ago has caused an economic downturn for the kingdom and a gruesome rift in the royal family.   Is the king's widow, the beautiful and magical queen who reflects the pride and industry of their kingdom and their glorious precious jewel mines, the rightful ruler?  Or should Snow White, the mafia princess with the guts to utilize the kingdom's black market and brute force, be the one to follow her father's footsteps?  Although this feud has fractured this family for over ten years, the members of this kingdom always put their "famiglia" first as they pursue their lost glory by any means necessary.  Snow White and her stepmother know how to put away their differences to fight a common foe.  The other kingdoms look upon the Kingdom of Snow with respect and fear, but know that to cross one of them will surely end in someone's body being found in a mine. 

Attire: Sophisticated and bold, solid colors silhouette these royals from the mundane.  The ladies tend to wear sleek gowns of whites, blacks, and silvers.  The men are often seen in crisp tails.  (View Pinterest) 


Kindom of Velvet


Opulent and ostentatious, the House of Velvet proves time and time again that no other kingdom can throw quite the extravaganza like they can.  Make it blue or make it pink, they don’t really care because once they’re done, everything they touch turns to gold. Having built many large opulent castles that rival Chateau de Tinkerbell in both grandeur and style, the royal family owns palaces in every other kingdom and has created a legacy of affluence and prosperity that has spawned rumors and scandal. Many believe they have no lower class, determined by their ban on immigration and high importation of cake and confectionaries. While it is true their entire kingdom shares in their real estate success, members of the royal family are attempting to branch out into pop culture to create a different kind of birthright. Draped in jewels and dresses that would make even the Red Queen’s head roll, the Kingdom of Velvet doesn’t just bring the party, they own the party. This royalty knows they are what all the other kingdoms dream about, and they revel in flaunting it. 

Attire: An indulgent rococo style sets these golden fashionistas apart, with their elaborate hair styles and gowns dripping in embroidery, they are not afraid to show off their wealth in their clothing choices! (View Pinterest)


Kingdom of Glass


Ambitious and lustrous, The Kingdom of Glass is working hard to rebuild their reputation among the nobility.   The kingdom's original heir, and Princess Generica's lifelong BFF, mysteriously disappeared and the loss has hit the kingdom hard.  The citizens are also still trying to deal with the marriage scandal of their peasant princess, Cinderella, and even the nobles currently refuse to coronate her and Prince Dashing.  Vicious rumors have been spreading that this kingdom is but an unsophisticated realm, run by commoners.  

Due to the precise rule of Cinderella and her ruthless eye for detail, the kingdom is immaculate and flourishing again. She has recently started producing the most enchanting garments that everyone is vying over.   This increased commerce has restored the Kingdom of Glass' wealth almost overnight.  But even with their instant return to glory, much of the other royalty are not yet ready to accept the Kingdom of Glass back as the nobility they once were.  Some have expressed jealous disbelief that Cinderella and her entourage are capable of producing such fine regal wear, noting that they suspect shady magical dealings and jesting that everything will turn back into pumpkins at the stroke of midnight.  These resourceful underdogs were surprised to be invited to Princess Generica's party, but they are determined to dominate the competition and regain their claim to real royalty.

Attire: Enchanting ball gowns with puffy sleeves for the ladies, or gents with a mind to.  Light pants and doublets for the men, or the ladies who like to have fun.  (View Pinterest)   


Kingdom of Tides


Newest on the scene, the Kingdom of Tides became shore bound to escape their tyrant ruler, King Neptune.  Initially, they assumed that the lands they found were uninhabited and began crafting buildings, fortifications, and armor from ship wreckage material.  In celebration of their first new colony, they threw a party so loudly that neighboring villages crept in to investigate the ruckus, and the Kingdom of Tides has been official  ever since.   

The other kingdoms often refer to them as sea barbarians or warriors led by a naïve ingénue.  Their bold bawdy behavior, and their claims to other people's territories has the realm wandering if this rag-tag warrior group should actually be called a kingdom.  However, they continue prove that anything is possible if you think creatively,  even building a kingdom out of sunken ships, whos-its, and whats-its galore.  Their over-zealous lust for life is equal only to their cleverness and strategy, and they have sweet talked their way into the royal courts. 

Attire: With a lack of fabric initially, most of their clothing consisted of creative armor and garb made from shells and shipwrecks.  They now tend to wear pants and gowns, but love to set the room gawking at their vibrant display of seashells. (View Pinterest)


Kingdom of Petals


After the magic curse that bound the Beast and his servants was broken, the Kingdom of Petals vowed to never again be subjected to the whims of the arcane.  The kingdom had been left unattended for quite some time, and while all of the humans were restored after the curse, the buildings and infrastructure were not.  Through militant dedication and an emphasis on industry, the Kingdom of Petals pushed the wolves out of their borders and restored order.  The royal family had the people of the kingdom tear down the castles and repurpose the ornate scrap into raw materials for their machines.  They hired inventors to delve into new feats of engineering that harnessed power of steam and clockwork.  Led by their transformed ruler and his curse-breaking bride, the Kingdom of Petals embrace d the power of steam and science.  

For reasons unknown, The Kingdom of Petals was not officially invited to Princess Generica's celebration.  Determined to demonstrate their scientific ingenuity and show all other kingdoms that magic is not always the key to winning, the Kingdom of Petals decided to kick the doors in and forcibly participate. 

Attire: The military folk tend to their uniforms, showing off every medal as a shiny honor upon their breast.  The engineers and tinkerers tend to dress for their shops and are never too far from their tools. (View Pinterest)


Kingdom of Emeralds

The Kingdom of Emeralds lives by their motto, "How much is it worth to you?" They know too well that everything can be obtained for a price.  Being the most magically fueled kingdom, they are never short of tricks, surprises, and miracles.  This kingdom is constantly in revolution, and their leadership changes seats faster than their goods change hands.  Surrounded by a deadly dessert, not many people have had the opportunity to see this strange kingdom.  The royal entourage of Emeralds is rarely seen, so when they are out and about they always steal the spotlight. 

The Kingdom of Emeralds' royalty consist of a diverse group of larger-than-life personalities who know how to play to each other's strengths. Most recently, they've declared the only thing illegal in their Kingdom is not having a good time,  thus legalizing anything imaginable within the borders of their kingdom. As experts in misdirection, they will dazzle you to place your bets, while stacking the deck in their favor.  They know that a little "smoke and mirrors" can go a long way, and the house always wins.

Attire: The Wizard brought the roaring 20's to the land of Oz and they never let go of the glitz and glam of the flapper and art nouveau style. (View Pinterest)


The Non-playable Kingdom


Kingdom of Shade


One of the oldest kingdoms, the Kingdom of Shade has always prospered while remaining secretive.  They always have a hand in shaping the histories of the realms and always from the comfort of their own castles.  The air across the kingdom is so heavy with magic that it seems to shimmer and dance along the jagged obsidian mountains, and pool heavily into its forested valleys.  The kingdom has one major metropolis surrounding the towering royal castle.   One traveling author dubbed this realm the Kingdom of Faerie Light, gorgeous and entrancing to see, but lacking any substantial warmth. He reported that every citizen quietly went about their business, always smiling but never speaking to him. People ducked into alleys or hid behind locked doors to avoid any contact. (It should be noted that this author disappeared shortly after the release of his compendium and has not been seen since.) 

While outsiders often view this kingdom as idyllic and beautiful, the royal family is obfuscated and secretive.  They rule from inside their stately castle with their daughter, Princess Generica. The king and queen are recluses and haven't been seen in years; Princess Generica represents the ruling family, voicing the proclamations and monitoring court affairs.  Until recently, she was always accompanied by her best friend, but her BFF has vanished without word or warning.  Princess Generica now sits in her castle awaiting the arrival of her new best friend. 

Rarely has an invitation to enter the castle been presented to anyone outside of the kingdom, but now one has landed in your hands.  You know very little of Princess Generica, her forgotten fairy tale, or the Kingdom of Shade, but you do know that she is not to be ignored.