Our fair and basic Princess Generica prefers simplicity and action over complex rules.  The mechanics of her game are quite simple.

1.  Have fun, and enjoy a Nordic style game.

2. Explore the world and find your secrets.

3.  When you can't play nice, play dirty (by playing mini-games). 

A multitude of events have been set up to pit the kingdoms against each other.  While some of them are "traditional" challenges with a twist; The mysterious hostess has come up with a few other events to keep things "interesting."  Most of these games will take your whole team and your whole "cunning."

Prince and Princess requires beauty rest, but that doesn't mean you do!  Extra time and spaces have been set up without events so your character can continue the fun.  After the princess has gone to rest, you can keep partying with your house at the tavern, or causing mischief in the other kingdoms.



Live Action Role Playing

The core mechanic of Real Royalty, Live Action Role Playing (LARP) is how player will interact.  With custom character sheets written for each player, there will be a cast designed with pre-existing tensions and history established before the event even takes place.  LARPing is like a blend of theater, improv, and role play.


Daily Challenges

Every day, players will encounter a series of challenges.  Clues will be given around how to solve the challenges to win the favor of the mysterious princess.


Missing Memories

Character sheets reveal pieces of lost memories in some of the characters.  The memories can be exchanged, collected, and revealed throughout the game.


Night Missions

Each night, kingdoms will have a dedicate GM running night missions to win more resources and favors by uncovering the most intimate secrets of the other kingdoms.


Secret Story Arcs

Characters, Kingdoms, and the world all have hidden stories than can be revealed with a certain chain of events initiated by the players.