The Story

Six twisted fairy-tale kingdoms, one mysterious Princess, and only one spot to be her new best friend.  Only the most cunning, creative, and popular team shall win the title.  Set in Princess Generica's home castle, you'll spend the weekend building strategies and playing to your team's strengths as well as plotting against your rivals and exploiting their weaknesses.  Do you have what it takes to be the next Real Royalty? 

For three days you'll leave behind your mundane life and take part in this immersive roleplaying experience within a dark fairy tale setting. You will be transformed into a character where there is no script, and all the decisions are in your hands. You will join over 40+ other characters to take part in a sadistic gauntlet to determine who will be Princess Generica's new confidant. Will you triumph over the other participants and win the day or will you sabotage everyone else just because you can?