The Dream Team


We don't take ourselves too seriously. When we chose the name Hanging Lantern, we meant it – we are not going to dwell on our mistakes and we will happily acknowledge them. We want to make our events memorable, exciting, and unique for our guests. Everything you contribute will be appreciated, and we will hang a lantern on things that are beyond belief and roll with them for the enrichment and enjoyment of all.  

Our mission is to create magnificent worlds for you to inhabit, to laugh and cry in, to feel completely safe while being able to express your true self, or to play a role you've desperately dreamed of. We endeavor to dazzle you with our imagination and to put on an experience you won't soon forget. But most of all, we wish for you to relax, and to have fun adventuring in our worlds without any cares or reservations. 


Jeffrey Steele

When Jeff is not refining machinations for supreme world conquest, he builds the skeletons of characters, paints the landscapes of worlds, and outline the physics that rule them.  He enjoys watching these worlds spring into three dimensions and growing in new ways. 

Natasha Borders

Natasha is in charge of everything real world at Hanging Lantern. With an MBA from Cornell, and an owner of her own pet sitting business, she is no stranger to running a company. But make no mistake, she is also a thorough devotee of the magical and the mysterious in life.  

Benji Michalek

Dedicated to the mastery of all the arts, Benji is here to make sure everything produced looks like a unicorn just painted it while munching on rainbows. People are relatively sure he eats glitter for breakfast.  He handles the candy coating.


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